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  • While browsing through some platforms yesterday, I came across this gem: the headquarters site for the Republican candidate in the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race:

     Ow, my brain!

     I found this malformed tag particularly humorous:

    <meta China, Taiwan, Formosa, Hong Kong, Tibet, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Polynesia, Chile, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Oil, Gold, Dollar, Euro, Pound, South Africa, Canada, Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Kurdistan, Sunni, Shiite, Moslem, Islam, Hindu, Jew, Christian, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Chech Republic, Slovakia, Chechnyia, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, Progressive, Terrorist, Neo, Rhino, Secularist, Right Wing, Left Wing, Politics, Diplomats, Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, Economic Policy, Trade Policy, Energy Policy, Oil Policy, Environmental, Conservation, Second Amendment, 2nd Amendement, Gun Rights, Right To Bear, First Amendment, Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Civil Liberties, Liberty, Freedom, NATO, Atlantic, Pacific, War, Peace >

  • Wow...  That just plain hurts...

    I feel better now about my decision to develop websites for political campaigns now though...  Anything is better than that...

  • Ha! It looks like the first web site I made when I discovered what the interweb thingy was. His next one will be on Angelfire, and it will boast a starry background.

  • That meta tag (well, what was meant to be a meta tag) prompts the question: What does Lorge think the issues were?

    Hindu? Holland? Denmark? All hot button issues this election season! 

     I think a new low was hit with the blinking text on a 'submit' button.

  • Holland is an hot buttin issue ? lol, like how/why ?


    Btw. There is even more funny stuff on the page, check below for some content that can be found after the </html> tag:

     <!-- text below generated by server. PLEASE REMOVE --><!-- Counter/Statistics data collection code ---^><script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><script language="javascript">geovisit();</script><noscript><img src="" alt="setstats" border="0" width="1" height="1"></noscript>



    Love the PLEASE REMOVE ^-^

  • Anyone try to join the mailing list (upper right)?

    Several things amiss:

    1) You click in the textbox and the "enter email address" message doesn't clear - you're left to remove it.  Not huge - but definitely annoying.

    2) After typing your email address - there's no submit button.  You have to hit enter.  Again - not huge - just never seen it in practice.

    3) After hitting enter is your email address processed by some server side language and inserted into a database table?  Nope.  Upon hitting enter - it fires up a mailto: routine.

    Not only that - but it is kind enough to automatically type your email address(whatever you typed into the textbox) into the email contents.  Definitely couldn't use the FROM: address to do that.


  • I think ALL of the comments are hilarious,  how many different form submits did he go through? 4? Wow.

  • Lorge secured site!  And a logo too.  This guy's so good he approved his own encryption!

  • Um...

    Please tell me that this site really is as insecure as it looks and anyone silly enough to donate money through it found their credit card details used by a load of hackers within 30 seconds of hitting <blink>SUBMIT</blink>

  • [quote user="nullbyte"] I found this malformed tag particularly humorous:[/quote]

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="audio/wav">
    is good too.

  • Ah, brilliant site design. Almost as good as the one that my (insert non-technical-family-member-of-choice here) did when they first discovered FrontPage.

    Thankfully I learnt of this ahead of time, and saved the internet from a webpage covered with animated pictures of frogs taken from all over the web.

  • What, nobody noticed the <> tag yet?  (Yes, that's the actual tag-- search for "wma" if you don't believe me...)

    And the BLINK tags...on form buttons... OK, someone already mentioned that, but it's still utterly egregious.

    And two of the graphics in the header, resized using HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes, which are in reality 1200x900...

    Amazingly, the payment form actually does point to an SSL server.

  • Other minor WTFs:

    1- He has Wisconsin in the credit card form list twice

    2- Do you suppose there is error checking in case you select one of the blank spaces as your state? Certainly none on this page.

    3- The GIFs in the credit card section (and pretty much every image actually) are ATROCIOUS

    4- The super-cool header information displaying the current time PST and GMT, as well as an inspirational message about "Go American or go without" was commented out of the index page, but not the others.

    5- The annoyance of having the donation info on every frickin page.

    6- The disappointment of not hearing the 30-second audio commercial as promised in the <embed> tags. Can't help but notice the loop=true/infinite, so for every 30 seconds you're looking at this site, you could have heard it over. And over. And over.

  • I won't bother talking about the horrible design or horrible code. I'll just stick to the content:

    <font color="red">Vote Lorge: "EVERYBODY'S SENATOR ESPECIALLY YOURS !"</font>

    LOL. Especially mine? WTF?


    "Robert Gerald Lorge solves everyday problems of everyday Wisconsin Family and Hard Working people,
    and has not lost touch with the everyday needs of Wisconsin People as have career
    politicians and multi-millionaires who can not comprehend how the rest of US
    Americans live and work and raise our families."

     Try saying that in one breath.

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