This forum has not been sexy recently

  • I have been absent recently as a result of terrible illness.

    If spoiler tags work (they're not in preview) and you want to know, check it out. If both are false then you're boned

    Nothing remotely solid has come out of me since Sunday night. At this point my ass feels like a rentboy who's been double booked for every appointment, and all the punters have agreed to share.

    So that's why I haven't been answering summons recently, when I'm back on my feet and not walking like a penguin I will try and write another forum article to make up for my absence.

  • SockDev


    spoilers are bbcode style, not SGML style...

    but other than that.... umm...

    get better soon. i'd give you a hug but.... nope... not the germs! the germs!

  • Edited for the impressionable

  • Invest in a cork? Or a [spoiler]purple dildo[/spoiler]?

    The latter would almost certainly be [spoiler]solid when it comes out[/spoiler]. Presuming it doesn't dissolve in the interim that is...


  • I just don't give a shit. but you don't either, so we are cool.

    oh yes and get well.

  • @Monarch said:

    you don't either

    Not a solid one, at least.

  • No joke, just get better soon. Whatever you have to do to get there.

  • @redwizard said:

    Whatever you have to do to get there.

    And stop doing whatever whoever you had to do to get there.

  • @PJH said:

    The latter would almost certainly be [spoiler]solid when it comes out[/spoiler]

    Assuming it does and you don't have to go to the hospital.

    [spoiler]That's why butt plugs have a flare at the bottom. Learn the difference. Anal safety is srs bsns.[/spoiler]

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