BBC slipup

  • I was reading about a planned mission to service the Hubble space telescope this morning, when in the middle of a part about safety and space shuttle problems came this:

    <font size="2">Dr Griffin's decision reverses that of his predecessor,
    Sean O'Keefe, who cancelled the planned visit in the wake of the
    Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003. </font>

    <font size="2"> <!-- S IINC -->[an error occurred while processing this directive]
    The orbiter's heat shield had been damaged during launch and the ship
    was destroyed as it returned through the atmosphere for landing 16 days
    <!-- E IINC --> </font>


    I'm glad I don't go travelling to space.

  • It looks okay to me. I don't see the error message. Maybe it has to do with the picture next to this part of the text. Can you see that picture?

  • Perhaps the directive it failed to process was the Prime Directive.

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