Question about the new, new format

  • First off, I like the format.  So much that I'd like to commandeer it for my own site. 

    I have been curious:  is this a feature of Community Server, or
    Alex's own modification?  I haven't been able to find where it's
    doable using the default Community Server settings.  If it's a
    custom mod, I'll just make my own modifications to my copy.  If
    it's not, I don't want to reinvent the wheel!


  • I did some customization:

    - Home page
    - Banner
    - RSS Feed
    - Troll Vote
    - Anonymous Name/Url
    - Skins

    What feature in particular are you interested in? I'd be happy to share the source/technique I used.

  • That's true, I didn't mention which one I was referring to, did I?  Oops...

    I was referring to the format where each topic's first post in this forum is a blog entry on the main page.

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