Just going to leave this here.

  • And the mentioned forum post.

  • TRWTF being that the poor kid didn't realize that he could just use a single for() from 0 to MAX_UINT32 since most programs accept plain integers as well as the dotted format for IPs?

    Filed under: http://1249765474/

  • area_deu

    I never heard that IP addresses inside are invalid.
    He should filter out the private blocks (,, as defined in RFC1918), though.

  • I liked the choice of loop variable names in the nested loops. x -> z -> y -> w makes complete sense.

  • < larsivi> heh, I talked to this sysadmin once who wondered where all the printers in his network came from ... it turned out his search script started at, and ended at .68, making him search the whole internet for unsecured printers ...
    < larsivi> the search had taken 21 days ...

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