Make sure the PC you are currently using is turned on.

  • Today's article reminded me of an error I got back in February:

  • The funny part is the PC you are using is switched on as the monitor is obviously going to display the message if it was off. Although I had an ad hoc network so public accessed machines could get updates but the users couldn't go online, a machine hidden away from the public was used to connect to the internet for this purpose before we opened. Got a phone call from work on my day off, conversation went like this...

    "The machines aren't connecting to the server"
    Is the server switched on?
    "Yes, I pressed the power button before I started the switch on"
    The PC doesn't magically come on if there is no power, did you turn it on before switching on the main breaker?
    "No, of course not I am not stupid"
    Can you check the PC to see if it is on?
    "I can't believe you think I am stupid that I don't know the PC is on"
    Please just check, I want to sleep more on my day off
    "Hmmph, fine"
    {2 minutes later}
    "Well I am sure I did switch it on"
    You are meant to switch it on after you power everything on and not before.
    "Fine, the updates are working, see you tomorrow..."

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @Dyfed said:

    "Fine, the updates are working, see you tomorrow..."

    "...when I have another stupid question for you."

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