Getting likes clears Flag-radio-input

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    There is this "send message to user"-flag that I tend to use every once in a while.
    The one flag that is not really a flag. You might know what I mean.

    I just tried to send @keith a message about his funny post being in a wrong category. While I was composing that message every time his post got liked my input field lost focus.
    It also cleared my selection on the radio-buttons.


    • Go into t/1000/, wait for a new post, notice that the post will be liked ~8 times by the time it loads #bots.
    • Click on the Report button
    • Select "Send message to @USER"
    • type something in
    • wait for "normal" humans to like the post (can take up to 10 seconds 😃 )
    • Enjoy

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