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  • I came back to this site after a while and ran into the new design.

    Why is the site only using half the browser window, the middle? I think that makes the site more difficult to read.

    Plus I have always been annoyed by the fact that the stores were not expanded on the main page, which always required me to load the page twice (once with the first few lines of each story and once with all the stories all readable). On mobile devices with a slow connection this was particularly annoying. And now it seems like I cannot even expand the main page any more and have to click on every story to read it.

    Finally, at least on my Windows desktop work PC using IE9, clicking on the story title doesn't open the story (in fact it does nothing) and only clicking somewhere next to the title but above the story text opens the story. I assume that is not the intended behaviour?

  • area_deu

    Actually, the main discussion thread for that is over here ➡
    The half-window-size approach is not all that annoying if you fix the font size by making it smaller.

  • Everything is a phone! Why are you not on mobile right now?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • @chubertdev said:

    Why are you not on mobile right now?

    Because I'm sitting down at my desk pretending to work?

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