Handago management WTF......

  • Handago is once again being petty...


  • So, did they pay you the leftover royalties on the 15th?

  • "<font size="2">Being that I currently had only one product that was
    worth promoting"</font>

     Apparently you haven't heard of promoting before the products become worth it. Yet to be released consoles from Sony and Nintendo, as well as Windows Vista come to mind. 

  • They have interesting definitions of "standard" and "unconventional fashion". Contests have been conventional throughout history, so what's so unconventional? In fact, I believe that contests are so conventional that there are laws specifically covering contests, which is why Stephen Colbert repeated his statement "This is not a contest" in his Greenscreen Challenge.

  • I once has a similar situation sorted out by writing to the state's Prosecutor (at least I think that was the right office) that the company was doing business in. If you look up the state the company is doing business in and then go to that state's website, you should be able to find the appropriate place to send a complaint.

  • Wow. Those are some grade-A first-class douchebags there. "Sorry, we're not talking to you anymore."

  • Yeah, Handango have made themselves real "popular" with developers of late (a few articles and threads at pocketpcthoughts.com come to mind for starters), so this doesn't surprise me in the least. 

    I hope you get what's due to you from them, through whatever means are required to get them to live up to their promises (for what they're worth from those guys). For a company that you'd expect to work 100% with the developers who sell through them, they sure like sh***ing on them like it's the most fun thing to do in the world.

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