Two people editing a wiki post at the same time results in a lost edit

  • Continuing the discussion from Wiki test:

    @boomzilla said:


    @pjhh editing after closure.

    @Zecc Tried to edit at the same time as PJH and his edit was swallowed 😞

    Well - clearly a problem, but not sure how it should be best handled, if at all..

  • The best handling would be for the system to either or both:

    a) lock the post from editing once someone starts an edit, warn other users;
    b) when submitting an edit, warn if it is no longer based on the most recent version, ask what to do.

  • How does one create Wikis anyway? Is it like polls? Title-based?

  • @Zecc said:

    How does one create Wikis anyway?

    Ask a TL4 or above.

    Edit: We get a spanner icon with the following menu on each post:

  • Another bug?

    Go to

    See currently-last diff (17 vs 18) in HTML. It looks like the smiley changed from square to round.

    Now check Raw...

  • If there's a solution, MediaWiki might have it. It's what Wikipedia uses and that gets like a lot of edits at once.

    I do know that tvtropes locks the page when its being edited by someone.

  • There are a few diff bugs floating around. What I see in that instance:


    HTML side by side:


  • It's what I see also. And notice the text I added — (Zecc's) — isn't there in the post as seen outside history.

    I'm going to try to reproduce in this post:

    @Zecc Tried to edit at the same time as @PJH and his (Zecc's) first edit was swallowed 😞

    No repro, but then again it counted as a ninja-edit. Will try again later.

    It's now later. No repro.

  • It's not a square smiley (it uses the same round frowning.png), but there's some CSS on it that makes the background look that way:
    [code].modal.history-modal .diff-del {
    background: #f4bcae;

    There's also a corresponding one on the other smiley, that doesn't blend into the colour so it looks round:
    [code].modal.history-modal .diff-ins {
    background: #dbffdb;

    Edit 2: Of course, trwtf is why it thinks the smiley was deleted and inserted.

  • @hungrier said:

    Edit 2: Of course, trwtf is why it thinks the smiley was deleted and inserted.

    Because the image size was added into the html, which happens after the post is saved. TRWTF.

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