Quote Reply not clearing after back navigation

  • Continuing the discussion from Discourse is slow on Android. Why?:

    @codinghorror said:

    No, trust me, I know exactly who the sock puppets are. What I care about is:

    1. Can we actually reproduce this
    2. Is it something anyone else (other than this site) is complaining about
    3. Is this "truck vs. car" stuff, e.g. "the bug is that there is infinite scrolling! Fix it!"

    And you guys often fare poorly on all three of those metrics.

    For example this one:

    Feel free to cite any others you don't think we've followed up on.

    One that bugs me as a "compulsive text selector" is this one:

    Here is a screen cap I took today on meta.d:

    (I am using IE11 on Win7 x64)

    If you cannot repo, I am happy to help figure out why, but closing the topic is not acceptable solution IMO. I do this professionally, so I have expectations on how bug reports should be handled; perhaps, these are unreasonable for OSS? It does seem the open source community is a lot more willing to accept "it works for me, so you are on your own."

  • Ok get ready to call me an idiot, but I don't see the bug here.

    The quote isn't cleared so you can reply to stuff from multiple topics in a single post. I assumed that was intentional?

  • I have no idea if it is intentional, but I certainly don't expect that behavior. (To be clear, I am not copying or pasting anything here).

    Edit: if that is the case, then the avatar is incorrect, so there is still a bug. 😉

  • No, I think you're right, I wasn't reading carefully enough.

    I assumed you hit the "reply" button on the first thread, but you didn't. In that case, the selection should be disappeared when you go to the second thread.

  • Correct, at the beginning of the recording I do not have a reply in progress. It is in the second thread where I first hit reply.

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