Can I share your apps on meta.d?

  • @Accalia, @Vinduv, @Maciejasjmj, or anyone else that has written anything that interfaces with discourse, can I link to your stuff from my topic over at I'm trying to create an API reference or something.

  • No objection here... (My almost-current bot code is here -- Yes, I’ll probably start using source control someday...)

  • I believe @accalia programmed her bot to fail if pointed at anything other than this forum, so bear that in mind.

  • I think she just hard coded this site in places to make it difficult to take it elsewhere. She's also having fun with some intentional WTFs, IIRC. But probably still some useful stuff.

  • SockDev

    i have no objection. sockbot is hardcoded to point at, as @algorythmics mentioned, but one could easily enough change that.

    huh... putting a space before that link prevents it from oneboxing in preview.... does it do the same when posted?

    EDIT: Yup. i think thats a bug.

    EDIT2: if you do share, @mention me please. i'm @accalia on meta.d too.

  • SockDev

    and yeah there are some intentional WTFs but they're mostly in the sock_modules i tried to keep the core interface somewhat sane, because i like what little shreds of sanity i have left.

  • @accalia said:

    Yup. i think thats a bug.

    By design.

  • SockDev

    of course it's by design......


  • It's rather useless for now, but knock yourself out.

  • Do you want help?

  • Incidentally, I just checked my project on github, and was shocked to find that I hadn't left my username and password hardcoded in any of the files or revisions.

  • SockDev

    i may have had to be rather harsh with the git history a time or two.

    which seems to have had the side effect of duplicating some of my commits with different hashes...

    how curious... ;-)

  • area_deu

    So that's why you changed your password recently?

  • SockDev

    yeah. luckily i didn't use hunter2 for any of my other accounts so it was just TDWTF that i had to worry about.

    the previous times i did it i caught it before i did a git push... not this time...

  • @accalia said:

    i didn't use hunter2

    So now it either is hunter3, Hunter2 or hunter2hunter2

  • SockDev


    why would you say my password is all stars?

  • Because mine is B*****M

  • SockDev

    hopefully those of us who do frequesnt that forum and use that avatar won't get too upset?

  • @Buddy said:

    I hadn't left my username and password hardcoded in any of the files or revisions.

    I use a test account for that, and

    Now, I'm sure they won't mind another test of BangRequests...

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