Blue bar appears over place holder on Unread tab

  • Continuing the discussion from Discourse is slow on Android. Why?:

    @loopback0 said:


    On the Unread page without posts, if one comes in the blue bar appears over the place holder text, rather than above it (with it shifting down) like expected.

  • Was a result of this fix:

    I like the new behavior better because the old system was constantly making me misclick and open the wrong topic. Still not perfect though.

  • Oh yeah, when there are topics in the list, it's a massive improvement.
    It's now just a cosmetic irritation but at least it should be an easy one to fix.

  • Now if they'd stop fucking up the suggested topics list...

  • Banned

    This independently came up on our last call. @sam is going to remove the dynamic suggestion updates as they seem to interrupt more than they help...

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