First unread navigation incorrect when post is hidden

  • Situation: A topic where I have previously read and am tracking. Someone makes a post which is flagged (as spam) and subsequently hidden. Before it is hidden, someone else makes a reply.

    I correctly get an unread topic. However, when I go to the topic, Discourse highlights (the fading blue animation) the post before the hidden post, making it look like it's a new post.

    I inadvertently replied to one before I realized it was an old post. It happened to have been a reply to me in the first place, which surely contributed to the confusion. Either way, discourse should highlight the first unread unhidden post instead of going back and highlighting a read post.

    I don't know what might happen in case no one replied to the now-hidden post, but I would think it shouldn't show up as unread. Either way, this is probably confusing.

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