Browser back/forward navigation does not work as expected.

  • SockDev

    no screenshots this time but super easy duplication.

    1. Browse to a topic in discourse, any topic.
    2. Got to end/middle of topic
    3. Ensure that there is at least two posts visible (sometimes works with only one, but not always)
    4. Make a note of the first visible post
    5. navigate to a different topic
    6. use the browser back button to return to first topic.
    7. note that you are now one post higher up the topic than you were.
    8. repeat until bored, each navigation forward/back will move you up one post in the thread

    Tested in Chrome, various recentish version on windows devices

  • I think I've sometimes gotten similar things when trying to view the raw bits of a post. I'd typically middle click on the timestamp, then go edit the URL for raw. But I was often looking at a post or two before the post I had clicked on.

  • I reported some time ago a similar problem with just general navigation, although my report was the inverse.

    1. navigate to a post in a thread with several other posts visible. note which post is at the top of your screen
    2. navigate away from the post (standard clicking on the logo)
    3. return to the post.
    4. observe that the previously noted post is no longer visible.

    I haven't checked if that's been changed, if it has, maybe it has generated this as a secondary issue?

  • Is this with the "spam history" option turned on? Without it, it just takes you back to whatever post was in the url when first opening the first thread, which makes sense technically but is wtf-y in terms of expected behaviour.

    Edit: I just looked in my preferences

    Either the wording is wrong or the preferences page doesn't get auto-populated with the correct setting.

  • @hungrier said:

    the preferences page doesn't get auto-populated with the correct setting.

    This. Known bug.

  • @loopback0 said:

    This. Known bug.

    Seriously, still? I remember it being a bug a long time ago, and I can't imagine any situation where it wouldn't be trivial to fix.

    I guess that's what happens when you muck around with the user profile page design instead of working on improving the product.


    Isn't the bug in OP old news as well? Discourse considering the post in the middle of the screen as current while reading, but placing the post in the URL to the top on reload?

  • SockDev

    may be old news or recent regression. i couldn't find a bug report for it here tho.

  • @accalia said:

    i couldn't find a bug report for it here tho

    Here you go, it's the closest to your bug:

    Post #9 is important (and not because it's a post by me) as to why you get the issue, knowing that Discourse will try to put the post it is loading in the center.

  • SockDev

    i bow to your powers of google-fu. i must train harder in the katas so that i may bring my sensei honour.

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