Talk about incentive!

  • It's a good thing I have had some good interviews recently. Two weeks ago our team was promised some incentives to meet a looming deadline, at which we would demo the latest changes to a product for the client. We worked our asses off and passed with flying colors. We were denied the promised incentives by one person in manangement who just says "no." Now, less than a week after the big demo, on another project, we have been told that unless we meet the next looming deadline by putting in the requisite overtime there will be "changes to our team." That's a direct quote. Bull. Shit.

  • Carrot.  Stick.  Dangle.  Repeat.

    That sucks, though.  Good luck with the interviews; let's hope you get the chance to leave voluntarily...


  • Talk to the HR department. If they made the promise, then that manager just openned the company to a lawsuit.

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