Now you're asking for it

  • A forum topic where I can comment on web software?  You didn't want to do that!  I'm a well-known ***, I am!

    Now let's see how this works. 
    I'll post this, then attempt to edit it, then see if it's
    deletable.  I do think people should be able to delete their
    posts, if they later realise they've been utterly, utterly
    clueless.  Granted it makes it harder to understand threads if
    people are commenting on the deleted post, so maybe not... hmmm...

  • Hmmm...

    1. Fonts didn't work.  I selected all and chose Georgia (my favourite web font) and it ignored the result in preview mode.  I posted anyway, to see if perhaps it was preview mode that was borken, but no such luck.
    2. I tried to edit the post and it gave me a message saying it had timed out.  Watergate Terrapin Fnord?
    3. So the "Post" button means "Start a New Topic", does it?  Would be nice if it said so.  Although I admit I didn't check for a TITLE attribute, so maybe it does...
    4. The bowdlerise filter weeded out the word ***.  Odd!  What would it do with futtock, felcher, twinkie and (possibly the most obscene word in use in modern America) "liberty"?
    5. Is this all your own work, Alex?  It's not bad, and you're mostly there (ooh, patronising is a big word, isn't it!) so take my ranting with a grain of salt.
    PS If the font works this time, it's an "onchanged" bug, since I added this text after I changed the font again.

  • What word did it weed out? ,ass,?

  • Ohh, my. what about ***?

  • Hmm, That, too... what if my name was synonymous with Richard, aka ***?

  • The word I typed was ***,
    spelled b-a-s-t-a-r-d.  I'm Australian, so for me that's no more a
    "swear word" than "geek".  I guess it's a cultural thing.  I
    once got accused of extreme rudeness for referring to someone as an old
    fart (spelled o-l-d-space-f-a-r-t), presumably because the intended
    meaning common in Oz (old fart = someone who's been around for a while)
    was lost on the accuser, who though I meant they were the human
    embodiment of the end product of the digestive process in goseous
    form.  And also old.  Or something like that.

    Hmmm... wonder if the fonts are
    working yet.  Select All - choose "Georgia" - click
    Preview...  nope.  What's going on there?

  • Hmm, I guess that kills referring to the *** Operator from Hell.

  • Courtesy of George Carlin, the 7 words you can't say on television are:

    "And words, you know the seven don't you? ***, Piss, ***, ***, Cocksucker,
    ***, and ***, huh? Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones
    that will infect your soul, curve your spine and keep the country from winning
    the war."

  • Ooops!  Need a bad word list update!

  • What the fuck?

  • Hahaha -- looks like this has some built in censorships. That's silly, we're all adults here. I'll remove those. Well, all except one of my huge pet peeves, M followed by an $. And $ in the middle.

    So, I dare you go try to type it. You should get M$ come out. Well, if the filter workds 😉

  • Betreft: Re: Now you're asking for it

    Maybe also add a spelling checker to it. Thewn you won't type words like "workds" anymore. 😛

    M$? Micro$oft? MS? Microsoft? M$? MS? Micro$oft? Microsoft?

    Don't see the problem...

  • The filter can be evaded anyway (see my previous comment).

  • Hmm M$

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