Availability only happens to other people

  • So, we're having a bit of an infrastructrural shake-up here at the office, because the network and servers weren't really coping anymore. Since a lot of the hardware is being replaced at the moment (to run 10-year-old software, because that's like a couple of times more expensive to replace), it seems like a great time to clean up the shared folders, file locations etc.

    As part of the network upgrade, we got a new file server to take some of the load off the others. It's only been around a week or two, but is already proving to be an excellent source of WTF. To give just one example, observed just this morning (but otherwise a well-known issue): the file server has a tendency to sleep - yep, you heard that correctly: after a sufficiently long idle time it requires a manual wake-up.

    Because fuck availability!

  • area_deu

    @GOG said:

    file server has a tendency to sleep

    They're using a laptop in energy saving mode?

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    That is impressive. Whoever's responsible for that setup didn't think it through much.

  • @aliceif said:

    They're using a laptop in energy saving mode?

    I wish. That would at least make some sense.

    Frankly, I've no idea what the provider is thinking - it's not like they don't know this issue exists. Most likely it's a misconfiguration somewhere, but it really should've been fixed by now.

  • Hmm... Linux does not sleep by default, Windows Server probably does not allows sleep mode at all.
    So either they manually enabled autosleep (TRWTF), or they’re using a client OS on a server (TRTWTF).

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    but even in client OS you can switch sleep off. Most of them anyway.

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