• Hi,


    Just wondering if anyone would recommend a good CM System.


    To mainly show off products (not interested in a cart system at the moment (but may want to expand the CMS to include a cart system at a later date))


    Basic funtions is not a problem, just wondered if there was a cheap and cheerful system out there or I may end up writing my own.


    Would like possible like the ability to change themes easily. 



  • I can't help you with a personal recommendation (I've never liked any of the ones I've had to deal with too much) but there is a great site out there that has demo installations of a lot of free CMS systems  -- The different products are in the CMS Demo Menu on the left. Also included is blog software, forums and similar content systems.

  • I've used postNuke and article manager.

     Postnuke is
    fairly good you have to search the forumns for support though, unless I
    am missing somethng. But has tons of add-ons

     Article manager is pretty good for the $300 you spend on it to gain the re-branding rights. Support forum is good as well as their customer service. AM doesn't have the extra features and add-ons that most sites expect though.

    No sense re-inventing the wheel 



  • I've used OpenCMS before -- it offers a lot of potential (you can code for it or use the UI), but it's not that great to use if you're not a developer.

    Mambo seems quite popular -- has a nice UI for non-technical folks, but that's about it.

    The last time I checked, Apache Lenya looked quite promising.  I don't know how mature it is, but it's worth a look.


  • Thanks for all the info, I'll take a look at some of these solutions.


    I'm not afraid of looking under the hood as I started with notepad before even looking at frontpage et al!! (quite some years ago now 😞 )



  • I'm using TextPattern, but I doubt it's a good choice for a shopping site. It's better for a news site perhaps; aspects of it are somewhat blog-like.

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