Reply to topic after navigating to non-topic bug?

  • SockDev

    • hit reply on a topic
    • type something
    • navigate away to a non topic page
    • I chose my profile
    • submit post
    • wait... where's my other option?

    reproduceable: so far, always.

  • This seems to me to be correct behavior. You cannot post a reply to your profile or a topic list; therefore, it is reasonable that it not give you the "post here" option.

  • Yeah, I can imagine the following scenario:

    1. Open editor on topic A, accidentally type in something
    2. Collapse editor, maybe forget about it
    3. Go to another topic, B
    4. Expand editor and start typing a reply to B
    5. During the course of research for the reply to B, go to your user page or any other non-topic page
    6. Click submit, notice that the dialog is not for A

    Contrived coincidence, but still. It's also just another Enter press instead of an Ok/Cancel dialog. Ctrl-EnterEnter

    Now that I think about it, I think I've hit that exact key sequence from my profile page to confirm a reply.

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