Screwed-up Sounding Solutions; aka Freakin' Fixes

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    So this for some strange reason I can't fathon reminded me of a messed up way I fixed a cash register over the phone many years ago. Worthy of its own topic, so share your stories here too. Your entertainment mileage may vary. 😉

    Customer: "Nothing works, not even a reset! Tried all that."
    Me: "Ok, who was using the register right up to when everything locked up?"
    Customer: "So-and-so."
    Me: "Put them on the phone."
    So-and-so: "Yes?"
    Me: "So tell me exactly what you were doing up to when the register stopped working."
    So-and-so: "Well, this morning my cat woke me up..."
    Me: "Stop right there. Start from the last transaction you were doing on the register when it locked up." :rollseyes:
    So-and-so: "Oh, right. Well, I rang up a burger, fries, and it wouldn't take the coke."
    Me: "So Fries was the last thing the register registered (please excuse the pun)?"
    So-and-so: "Yes."
    Me: "Good. Put the owner back on the line."
    Customer: "Yes?"
    Me: "Take a screwdriver and use it to pop off the fries key."
    Customer: "WHAT?!?"
    Me: "You heard me. Try it."
    Moment later, hear a snap sound.
    Customer: "Hey, it works!"
    Me: "We can send you a replacement key overnight."
    Customer: "No rush, I'll use one of the blank ones. Thanks a million!"
    Me: "Any time."

    I know freaking out the customer right before fixing their problem is probably Doing It Wrong™, but it was so much fun!

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