:book: Teh Official Discopædia (ﷺ, @abarker, creator and prophet of the Discopædia)

  • Fake News

    past tense of Jeffing

    1. Applied to posts which were moved to other topics / fora quicker than @blakeyrat can throw tantrums.
    2. Also used when bug reports are declared WONT_FIX, might be related to what.thedailywtf.com [citation needed].

  • Greenbar (obsolete)
    The green blob at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it jumps around. Sometimes it will even show the number of the post you are reading or how many posts are left. Also acts like a sort-off kinda scrollbar and post jumper. It might even take you where you wanted to go.

    May 2015 edit: Now it's bikeshed blue, and is called the Newlevator.

  • Jeff

    1. To move posts around unnecessarily. Putting them in a new topic for your own convenience.
      Example: I jeffed these posts to a new topic because they obstructed my view.
      See Also: [Mega Jeff™]
    2. To hold to unreasonable opinions, even in the face of insurmountable evidence.
      Example: Codinghorror jeffs that Android cannot handle Discourse after his experience with the Nexus 7, in spite of conflicting reports from multiple other Android users.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place


    What happens when you try to discuss anything relating to Discourse in a sensible fashion. Or create pretty much thread here. All derailments lead to the singularity.

  • mod


    Full Name: Jeff Attwood, aka Codinghorror (other aliases omitted for brevity)

    Mystic co-founder and Head-honcho Prophet of The Church of the Civilized Discourse Construction Kit1 (TCotCDCK), Jeff became infamous after converting the Lord of the Domain of WTF and several other sovereigns to his new social religion. In the process, he caused pagination believers to be outcast, leaving them no choice but to go into exile or abuse their scroll wheels. Those who keep using phpBB, SMF or ($deity forbid) Community Server are now considered barbarians according to the disciples of TCotCDCK and anonymous Discophiles.

    Some scholars have compared him to a certain deceased dictator who was bent on obtaining world power through conquest and genocide.2 3 4 No quantification in mega-hitlers has been made yet.

    Jeff has been known to waffle on his own blog - codinghorror.com - and jump the shark in the process. Belgium considered this treason, but promised not to ask for an extradition order as long as he only travels between the 48 contiguous states.

    Perhaps one of his most frustrating traits is his self-referentialism. In the course of an argument, Jeff has frequently been observed using his own blog as evidence to support his opinion. The fact that the referenced blog post is usually opinion itself does not stop Jeff from claiming that it is factual and enough to support his position.

    Do not expect Jeff to listen to real evidence or actual facts. Jeff's responses to facts and evidence include:

    • Ignoring his opponent
    • Unrelated or incomplete personal anecdotes
    • Nonsensical gibberish
    • Phrases that begin with "Well, I believe ..."
    • "I don't believe you."
    • Deleting posts he disagrees with
    • Deleting the topic which contains the intrusive "facts"
    • Name calling
    • Banning the opposing user from meta.d
    • And more!

    Examples of some of these can be seen in the Android®5 definition. One incident of a WTDWTF member politely disagreeing with Jeff is believed to have been the trigger for Discogate.

    The keen observer will note that several of these behaviors violate the code of conduct specified in the meta.d terms of service. Yet reporting such violations to other members of the meta.d staff will only bring the reporting user frustration as they are told that they were "asking for it" and that they should "grow a pair", or something similar.

    Jeff is also the co-founder of StackOverflow and personification of gamification, which might explain most of the weirder decisions behind Discourse.

    Also used as a generic swear word. Example: What the Jeff caused those 504s? [Citation]

    Thanks to @JBert for helping to expand this definition.

  • Rainbows
    analogous noun
    A property of software in which its attempt to implement new and complex features excuses its inability to perform simple and basic tasks.

    "Technically what we are doing here is far more complex than paging, Discourse really is rainbows, nothing is stopping one of you writing a plugin that gives you godawful paging." - Sam

  • DiscoBool

    1. A boolean flag that has the opposite sense to what its name implies. e.g. download_remote_images_to_local == true means remote images won't be downloaded to local.
    2. A boolean flag that has discorsistent values, e.g., t and false.(cite)
    3. Tri-State Boolean you get True/False/File_Not_Found instead.(cite)
    <!-- 88888888-8888-8888-8888-888888888888 --> <!-- Like I was going to use an actual undefined GUID ;P -->

  • Discolag

    Discourse lag, mostly noticed when trying to post in a certain order or to claim a certain post number. Or when posting in a larger topic. Or trying to view a profile. Or just because Discourse is being pissy.

  • Discomobile

    Similar to the Batmobile it has a lot of fancy gadgets but unlike the Batmobile you ain't getting nowhere.


    Pertaining to the Discourse experience on a mobile platform. It's different[1].

  • SockDev


    Buttons and icons that don't quite do what you expect them to, but do exactly what they say they will. Like having multiple reply buttons which only serve to confuse the user as to what they are replying to.

    Characterised as: "Discourse: intuitivising interfaces since 2013."

    Syn: Discotuitive

  • mod


    Set of time units used on Discourse. One DiscoSecond is equivalent to a time value between 0 and 4294967296 seconds.

    See Also: Discotime

    Original definition by @VinDuv

  • mod


    1. Behavior which does not match expectations.
    2. The actual behavior of Discourse.
      See Also: Discobug

  • SockDev


    1. A compulsion to dance to disco music and to seek out places where disco may be heard
    2. Not actually related to Discourse
    3. The common name for Discoursitis, a medical condition exhibiting symptoms such as liking Discourse, and recommending Discourse to anyone who's looking for new forum software. 1

    Compare: Discomania

  • SockDev

    @abarker said:

    You sure? I'm sure we could come up with a discourse related definition.

    How about:

    1. A compulsion to dance to disco music and to seek out places where disco may be heard
    2. The common name for Discoursitis, a medical condition exhibiting symptoms such as liking Discourse, and recommending Discourse to anyone who's looking for new forum software.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    @accalia said:

    is dysmorphia the right word?


    The feeling you get when seeing your avatar rendered two or more ways on the same page.

  • Duplicate Thread IDs

    A futuristic approach to saving our limited natural resource of numbers!

  • kills Dumbledore


    When something should never be changed, but can be anyway.


  • Fake News


    When you discover that Discourse somehow did The Right Thing™.

    See Also: fluke, accident, butterfly in the Amazon rain forest

  • Disconfusion

    1. When Discourse is bewildered about simple things like whether to show a user's current avatar or not.
    2. When Discourse users are uncertain about why Discourse does what it does.

  • Disarray

    Internal data structure of Discourse. Discourse always keeps user content in disarray.

  • Discontent

    1. Perpetual emotion when using Discourse.
    2. Content that only is shown under surprisingly unusual conditions (all content on Discourse).
      Many modern web pages (and webforums) show part or all of their content only if Javascript is enabled.
      Discourse is totally different: When using an older browser with Javascript enabled, it only annoys you with ageism: Your browser is too old, install a newer one and no content at all.
      However if you disable Javascript, you can view the user comments.
      You even get pagination, although Jeff claims that that doesn't exist. The only drawback is that all is readonly - see point 1.

  • Distortured

    What happens to reality/facts when Jeff Atwood writes about UI-design.

    Example: "Jeff Atwood thinks Infiniscroll is superior to Pagination. He has distortured reality again."

  • Jefché

    Something that Jeff says all the time. If everyone else said it too, it would be a cliché. But it's just Jeff.

    Example: It is part of your toxic culture here, yes.

  • Discoshock

    The normal reaction of a long time TDWTF user encountering TDWTF on Discourse for the first time.


  • mod


    1. A definition which is contrary to the intuitive or expected definition.
      See Also: Discobehavior
    2. A definition in the Discopædia.



    Navigation method in Discourse. Deemed as the "Next Big Thing" by Jeff, it is a completely new way for users to enjoy old content as they will invariably get lost, read all the old posts again, find their place, get lost again, leave the site, get buried in soft soil for three months and then find their way back again only to find out there is no reliable way to return to the previous discussions they were involved in.

  • mod


    Something that Jeff says with certainty and frequency. If someone else said it, you would probably look at them like they were nuts. Many Jeffisms warrant a cluebat. Has the potential to be a Jeffché. Jeffisms may come from other DIscoDevs.

    Example: Discourse really is rainbows.

  • Disdelivery

    Mail delivery that is so discoursistent it only works 50% of the time.

    See [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/7]Discoursistency[/url].

  • Disapproval

    The approval that TDWTF commentors and forum users gave @apapadimoulis to use Discourse as the new forum software.

  • Discrêpe

    A delicious pancake used by Jeff Attwood to bribe discodevs to become new followers of the TCotCDCK.

    Not to be confused with discrap, which is just another word for a discobug.

    See: [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/5]Discodev[/url], [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/47]TCotCDCK[/url], [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/3]Discobug[/url].



    1. Creating custom scripts and applications that interface with Discourse despite (and/or in opposition to) Discodevs. This includes, but is not limited to, custom stylesheets, userscripts, bots, APIs and similar.
    • Regular use of Discourse when user is trying to Do It Wrong™ and sometimes even when doing it right. This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Using &nbsp; and similar entities or HTML comments to get around stupid limitations as "body being too similar"
      • Appending random characters to your post just because you want to quote and respond to multiple posts at once (a.k.a. Doing It Right) so that the editor doesn't discard your post when hiding it
      • Having to use manual line breaks to get around Discourse's HTMLDownCode editor's attempts to utterly break your post
    • Breaking Discourse's broken regex validator in amusing ways. For historical references, look up fa-spin. If Discosearch lets you, that is.

  • Discrepancy

    1. A bakery specialised in producing discrepes.
    2. Difference between what the user expects and what Dicsourse disdelivers.

  • mod


    Expands out to What You See May Be What You Get If You're Lucky. Refers to the discrepancies seen between the preview window for the post editor and the actual baked post.

    For example, writing the following:

    <big>Line 1
    Line 2

    in the post editor will give this result in the preview:

    but will generate the following in the baked post:

    Line 1

    Line 2

    Most recent reference at time of original definition was by @ChaosTheEternal

  • mod

    This post is deleted!

  • mod


    1. Code that adds unnecessary functions.
    2. Code that adds no discernable function.
    3. Code that doesn't do anything that it is intended to do.
    4. Code that does everything except what it is intended to.
    5. Discourse code.

    Credit goes to @hungrier for creating the term

  • Discourteous

    This adjective describes the politeness of discodevs when receiving requests for features they dissume to be discobugs ("the user is doing it wrong").

    See Also: [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/3]Discobug[/url], [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/discopaedia/3866/6]Discodev[/url]

  • Disrepair

    Thanks to DevOps Dicsourse is in a constant update process, so it forever is in disrepair.
    "Why does dicsourse behave more discoursistent than usual today?"
    "Must be the [url=http://what.thedailywtf.com/t/docker-upgrades/1929/83]disrepair[/url] again!"

  • Grade A Premium Asshole


    When you expect an action to do one thing, but Discourse decides to do something entirely different...because reasons.

    Loosely related to discoverability, where things are not discoverable unless you are a Discodev.

    See Also: Discrepancy

  • kills Dumbledore

    Discosearch doesn't show any results for this searching in thread, which surprises me if it's genuinely not there but:


    New bug

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Discourse Magic

    The process that changes what you typed into what you see on the screen. An unpredictable algorithm whose very existence is a constant source of surprise.

    Alternate Spelling: Discomagic

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place


    The act of discussing the features and occasional flaws of forum software.


    A CLI designed for the next ten years. [cite]

  • SockDev

    Disco Golf

    1. A game, derivative of chessboxing, in which players alternate between playing golf and a disco showdown. <!--unfortunately does not yield itself to Wu-Tang Clan B-sides as well-->
    2. A game that consists of playing golf with a modified discoball
    3. The art of exposing a bug in Discourse using the fewest number of characters possible.

  • @dkf said:


    The act of discussing the features and occasional flaws of forum software.


    A CLI designed for the next ten years.


    • A white, clean and clear interface, with just four columns of distracting text.
    • Autocomplete magic.
      • Be amazed as your  man rm  becomes   rm -rf /*   before your very eyes, right after you press enter.
    • Interesting responses.
      • Your command may show a valid response, show no response or show a completely white screen seemingly at random.
    • High performance.
      • Any slow down is the result of poor programming in the five thousand libraries that we import and the platforms that we run on.

  • area_deu


    When Discourse thinks that your laptop, which doesn't even have a touchscreen, is actually secretly a tablet and should be treated as such.

  • mod

    Reverse Hanzo

    To receive credit for providing information, despite being Hanzoed on providing said information. Also known as the Anti-Hanzo.

    Antonyms: Hanzo

  • kills Dumbledore

    Chrome on Android

    The cause of all performance problems on non-iOS mobile platforms. Especially IE on Windows Phone and Dolphin browser on Android

  • Temporal Bug

    A bug which is only experienced by updating too frequently. Have too many bugs? Update less frequently!


  • SockDev


    A state of being both read and unread at the same time.
    Coined here

    Could also be called 'quantum-read', I guess. A bit like that cat in that box that guy had that one time.

  • SockDev


    A sorting method used by Discourse that sorts by its own internal logic no-one understands.
    Coined here.

  • Infinispin­™

    To display the spinning "document loading" indicator forever because ember.js or some other bit of behind-the-scenes machinery has taken a dump.

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