I can't do this any more…

  • … it's too much like hard work.

    It's been nearly 5 months now, and every fucking post is still a running battle with Shitsauce, working around its multitudinous flaws, holes, gotchas and flat out bugs.

    It's been nearly 5 months, and Discourse flaws are still pretty much dominating discussion. We're still finding bugs. Discourse is still worse than the worst of the worst.

    I'm ducking out. I've had enough. Have fun, all.

  • I don't know man, I find it quite very usable and except for the 😄 bug I haven't been exposed to anything so frustrating.

    OTOH, I have a very high tolerance to software crap, I mean, I started using Linux in 1996 and Windows 95 so there, if Linux sound drivers and Win95 BSOD didn't get in my nerves, I don't see how Discourse could do that.

  • Amusingly enough, I just found a new bug trying to set my email address to something @ mailinator.com as opposed to my actual email address.

  • Actually, Discourse doesn't allow Mailinator. But I wouldn't expect it to actually tell you that, it probably does some combination of WSOD, Markdown parser nonsense, and "An error has occurred".

  • My company's firewall thanks you.

  • Still don't get it. But whatever.

    I suppose you've held the burden of the forum's top troll long enough. Raising the bar for the rest of us.

    BTW, before you go, can we at least get a closure on the toilet password story from the old forums?

  • SockDev

    I've enjoyed your posts. Not gonna be the same without you.

    This community was brought together by Discourse and its shittiness. But I see it was just too much shit to wade through 😦

  • Tempted to change the title, but I think keeping those SFW is kinda important, so I'll do it here😄

    #I cun't do this any more

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