Looking for a web host, why is this so tough?!

  • So, I need a web host.

    All I need is one that's reliable, fairly fast, good quota on monthly bandwidth, cpanel, few mysql databases, php w/ all the goodies that are typical, etc etc. And I just can't seem to find one. I've been running throuigh webhostingtalk.com's offers section trying out a lot of the demos and such, and nothing so far I've liked. My current host, UltraMatrix, has screwed up DNS. run "dig +trace pavleck.com". For at least half of the people that do this, my site won't come up on your browser, and in dig you'll end up with "dig: couldn't get address for 'ns1.ultramatrix.net': not found". The other half, all fine. And I'm tired of it - it's been weeks like this - it works, it doesn't. 


    Just someone please for the love of God recommend some hosts to me!  

  • As with pretty much everything, 90% of the generic web hosts out there just plain suck. I use LunarPages and they're OK... but I'm looking to move to another host that's more developer-friendly like A Small Orange (very wide range of packages) or TextDrive.

  • Indeed, indeed. I wonder how HostWay is, I like the prices. Anyone? I'm tired of flying blind, and most of the 'review' sites out there seem to love or hate everything. Or love the companies that host them, or have banners, etc.

  • I personally use totalchoicehosting.com   I have a few friends that use them as well. I cannot say enough about these guys, they are simply amazing.

    I have been running a website off them for about 3 or 4 years, and I can only remembering two times it went down. First time was only for about 30 minutes.   Second time was for most of the day (their raidcontroller failed, and currpoted all their HDDs, but they had a backup of only 2 days old which they restored from).. and they reimbursed some of the money.

    Also one time I ran out of bandwidth that I was allowed to have, and I emailed them about it sayin I was willing to pay for a couple more gigs for the rest of the month, they said don't worry about it and gave me an extra 5 gigs of bandwidth for that month for free.

    The prices are extremely cheap to. I personally use the starter plan which is 700mb storage, 20gb bandwidth, unlimites email accounts ftp accounts and mysql dbs, for only $4 a month.

    THeir support is also very good. THey respond within the day, and are extremely helpful.


    Like I said I can't say enough about them, awesome price, awesome support, awesome service.  And it comes with everything you need (including Cpanel with a million addons)

  • This might be what you're after

  • I've had some bad hosts in the past... very bad. I'm currently with Lunarpages. They've always been very helpful and customer-friendly. Although I have experienced some downtime (reported by my website members) that I cannot isolate. Seems to be random, for 2-3 minutes, but only occurs once a month or so. Not a problem for me, but may be for others.

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