Unknown error when jumping to "in reply to" post near a bookmarked post

  • From this post, I expanded the in reply to and clicked the arrow to jump to the post:

    Where it jumps to, the post just prior to that, I have a bookmark on. Once it loads that section, I get the following:

    "Sorry, an error has occurred."

    In the Chrome console:

    "PUT http://what.thedailywtf.com/posts/92310/bookmark 500 (Internal Server Error)        vendor-e79862c12dae96912e251ccc2db43881.js:4"

    This isn't a one-off occurrence. I can repeat it as long as I re-enter the topic without the bookmarked post in view before repeating the steps.

    EDIT: For some reason, it copied the wrong link for the first link.

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