What is/was your programming "thing"?

  • Is there a small coding thing that you used to return to time and again? Refining and developing it for no reason other than it interested you to do so?

    Mine always used to be "the bouncing dot"... This was just a ball (or dot) that moved in a straight line until it hit a wall and bounced off. The first version had the dot in a rectangular box with the X and Y limits hard coded in.

    Over time I had dots in mazes, dots with trails, multiple dots. I've written in AMOS, Pascal, C and various BASICs

  • I haven't worked on it for a long time, but years and years ago I wrote and rewrote a fractal-generator program several times.

    That project was the first time I spent several hours tracking down a bug, which turned out to be an if (x=y) error. It was also the project that led me to start turning on any warnings I can get my hands on. :-)

  • SockDev

    i always run with warnings = errors in my code.

    my thinking is they are warnings for a reason and that reason is they are bad and or buggy coding style. code differently.

    -twitch- there will be -twitch shiver- no errors in my -twitch- code!

    (it may also have something to do with channeling my OCD into a controlled output)

  • I have a couple of interop warnings in a work project that appear to be necessary for the damn thing to work. Probably from being required to use obsolete third-party dlls because who wants to spend good money upgrading software?

  • If warnings originate from a header file, you may be able to turn off warnings for it separately. At least in GCC, if you add the directory with -isystem instead of -I, most warnings are disabled for the header.

  • SockDev

    ones with OCD about not having warnings or errors in their code?

  • Failure. I'm Exceptionally good at it.

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