Sorting and then clicking Latest forgets the previous sorting

  • I can't upload a screenshot as evidence, but it is easy to reproduce.

    If you sort the latest topics listing by anything other than the standard sort, then click the "Latest" listing again, the sort arrow is reset to "Topic", the ordering does not change, and you cannot then sort by topic in the usual order without first reversing the order.

    1. sort by any column other than topic/activity
    2. click the Latest button at the top of the page
    3. observe that the sorted by arrow moves.

    The sort order reverts to the default

    The sort order is unchanged but the indicator is reverted.

  • I think this is a duplicate of

    Interpretation A:

    1. Sort by anything other than activity
    2. Sort by activity (for observation purposes)
    3. Click latest
    4. page layout changes

    Interpretation B:

    1. Sort by anything other than activity
    2. Click latest
    3. Sort arrow remains on the original selected category, but now sorts by activity rather than the selected sort arrow. (Filing this interpretation since I think the other is a dupe)


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