"Like" Inconsistency

  • I don't know what happened here:

    For some reason, the likes section under the post thought I wasn't me. Upon clicking "like it too", it updated and changed to "1 person liked this, like it too". Clicking "1 person liked this" expanded the section to show the same as the screenshot above.

    I've not seen it happen before and it cleared itself up when I reloaded the page, so the chances of tracking it down are probably nil.

  • Should've liked it again.

  • I've managed to get this by spamming the like button (I was "testing" for regressions of the multiple likes issue). I suspect they haven't managed to remove all the race conditions (hardly surprising) and there are "spam the button" cases that make ember shit the bed.

  • AFAIK, spamming the double likes repro only causes client side negative likes now.

  • Nah, I definitely managed to get "one person liked this, like it too" with myself as the liker when spamming an unliked post within the last couple of weeks. Which is not to say it hasn't been re-un-not-re-regressed since then; after all, "we're far too good at programming to need to test for regressions".

    I'm certain it was only local to my browser, a "javascript shitting itself due to race conditions" error.

  • That one is only local, it doesn't persist on refresh (which it used to)

    It's still a bug, but it's moved into WONTFIX category by discodevs

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