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  • :belt_onion:

    BUG: Clicking Reply too soon after submitting an edit can cause Dicsourse to not realize you submitted your change, and it will prompt you as follows:

    Clicking [No, Keep] does nothing because there's no post to keep. Clicking [Yes, abandon] will open the reply window.

    After it breaks, it will never realize you have no open post until refreshed with F5 or you abandon the non-existent post. Even better, if it breaks this way and you try to re-edit the post that started it all, that post in the editor will not include your last update, it will have been reverted to how it was before you submitted the last edit.

    Repro: Have a race trying to reply after submitting an edit and hope Dicsourse gives you a winner.

  • Got this one covered, I'll add yours to report.

    @tufty, you know how I found this link? I searched '#3'

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