• In the ongoing saga of prototyping, I am doing some due diligence checking on Mono setups. I'd strongly prefer a full .NET solution, but it's probable that money won't allow a full build out until down the road.

    As part of my investigations, I've come across NancyFX which seems to support OWIN/mono/nginx/etc/etc/etc

    Has anyone used it? Good? Bad? Different?

  • It been about for a while now, Scott Hanselman seems to like it, I haven't used it. BTW You can do ASP.NET MVC in mono now (I've built a few sites using my fedora machine) if you are more familiar with that.

  • I'm currently using a lot of MVC4 - I'm holding out strong hope that the roslyn compiler/mono thing works out well, but it's still kind of TBD on full compatibility.

    Essentially I'm going to be playing with mono 3.8 + .net 4.5.x this weekend to see how well they play together.

  • Yeah same here. Though the MVC stuff worked perfectly in mono ... however I deployed to a Windows 2008 R2 server not a Linux one. Also I was using MySQL not MSSQL server for obvious reasons.

  • Hopefully that bodes well, because windows version of mono is at like 3.2.23 or something, which is several version behind current.

  • I played around with it at an early stage, before WebAPI was out. Seemed like a nice clone of sinatra/express.js type of light framework.

    But these kind of frameworks are in M$'s sight now, and they are coming out with their own stuff. So eventually, they will probably steamroller over Nancy in terms of features, modules, docs, framework support etc...

    The only question is the state of Mono's WebAPI support. I'm not in the loop ATM, so I don't know. But my feel is, nancy seems OK, but given a choice, I'd go with WebAPI.

  • TBH I don't think that will happen. If you wanna know what is happening with ASP.NET you best bet is to follow Scott Hanselman's blog as he seems to be driving a lot of the more lightweight .NET frameworks.

    Nancy been going strong for a while, so I don't think it is going to just disappear.

  • I'm eagerly awaiting vs 14, vnext is awesome, but the vs 14 editor is a pretty big step backwards in visual studio ide usability. Mostly because it breaks resharper, has nuget compatability issues, adding references is a pain in the Ass, builds throw false errors of you're using dll imports or interop, and packages get corrupted due to the constant redownloading.

  • Well I suspect they will fix a lot of that before it is final.

  • I would hope so. It's a ctp so I'm not knocking it. Vs 14 is legitimately extremely anticipated for me, but the above issues are why I'm not disregarding advice about using it to design production style work. I'm staging things out in vs 2013 in hopes I won't have to modify too much in vs 14.

  • @lucas said:

    Nancy been going strong for a while, so I don't think it is going to just disappear.

    We thought that about XNA.

  • XNA is still solid for being a dead engine.

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