Tab where?

  • Found this bug while logging another bug:

    1. click create topic
    2. type in topic name
    3. hit the Tab key
    4. wonder why it doesn't set the focus to the category drop down, where it belongs

  • Start typing post
    Hit "cancel"
    "Modal" dialog pops up
    Tab doesn't toggle back and forth between "Yes, abandon" and "No, keep"

    Not a fan of the modal dialog on the web

  • :belt_onion:

    Tab is for people who like using their keyboard and do stupid shit like use hotkeys on websi... ohhhhh

    Discoursistency for you.

  • No repro, did they fix this?

  • Possibly, the Sitepoint people (@cpradio in particular) are advocating for accessibility.

  • Though I'm not sure we were responsible for fixing it... so color me confused 😕

  • Apparently they fixed the linked bug too. Though PageDown still behaves ridiculously when an edit-post textarea has focus - it scrolls both your post and the page. And it seems like sometimes PageUp will scroll the page down.

  • Banned

    Many of the older issues are fixed, if they are significant enough.. rationale is here

  • Your list is missing one huge point which IMO should be #1:

    1. Do things break if we don't implement it?

    Look, we don't make many feature requests. No point here, since they obviously won't agree with the Philosophy of Discourse - we just don't see the world the way you guys do, and we kinda got used to it.

    But we do bug reports. And since we're a community of developers pretty much trained to find flaws in software, we do valuable bug reports. We find things that are broken - small or big, but it's rarely "we don't like it this way", it's often "this is just wrong".

    And democratic vote is fine when it comes to feature requests, but when it comes to bug reports, it's really not the way to go. Do you trust three random guys who used your software for a while and generally liked it more than you trust your QA engineer who's chewing you off? And less pedantic people would rarely report most bugs - perhaps because they've been drinking the same Kool-Aid on other forums and generally think that's the way it was, perhaps because they're not developers and what seems like a tiny flaw to them is actually a sign of something horribly wrong with the code, or perhaps because they're just too lazy.

    You're practicing Complaint-Driven Development. And We. Are. Complaining.

    PS. Want a feature request? Clean up and document that damn REST API, because it's cool on the outside, but is still useless for developers.

  • Banned

    You are complaining, yes, but your volume button is broken, and you complain about everything, all the time, with no distinction between "prevents normal use of product" and "minor, rarely encountered inconvenience". You are also extremely rude at times.

    (by you I don't mean you literally, but "this community")

    How something is said is as important as what was said. We are listening, but we will apply our own filters.

  • @codinghorror said:

    (by you I don't mean you literally, but "this community")

    Is "you guys" too damn hard to type out?

    Filed under: maintaining a reputation

  • SockDev

    So what's your excuse for not listening to... say... anyone else in the community?

    We have noticed a trend that it doesn't seem to matter what any of us say, it's automatically wrong because it's us.

    I, personally, have something of a grudge because I actually come from one of those toxic hellstew 90s era forums, where so many lessons could have been learned from what they already did - and I was quite prepared to share everything I'd seen - but because you're so adamant you're not interested in anything they have to say, you're also ignoring the wealth of experience of things that should be avoided too.

  • Banned

    How is this remotely true? We have fixed dozens upon dozens of things reported here. And we've added many requested features. Some of the feedback is even reasonable, at times!

  • SockDev

    Yes, you fixed 'dozens upon dozens' and denied plenty more as not being bugs when we were telling you they were.

    Some of the feedback is reasonable at times, sure. We were all very reasonable to start with because we thought you were actually treating us like programmers. Then it became clear you weren't interested in listening to what our collective experience has to say and just get incredibly selective about it - only to then try to persuade us that you're listening to us when you're only listening to the bits that you liked out of what we said.

  • Banned

    If you want a project where every single bit of feedback you give is treated as sacrosanct and perfect, of the highest priority... there is only one solution: start your own project.

  • @codinghorror said:

    If you want a project where every single bit of feedback you give is treated as sacrosanct and perfect, of the highest priority... there is only one solution: start your own project.

    No, we don't want that. But you have priority issues. Bugs should be !important on your priority list, because they actively scare off people. And you wouldn't even know that, because people who get hit in the face by bugs the first time they use your program won't register on meta.d and bother to file reports. They'll just install phpBB.

    @codinghorror said:

    How something is said is as important as what was said.

    Do you disregard your QA's opinion if he was rude to you?

  • @Maciejasjmj said:

    Bugs should be !important on your priority list

    You are correct, they are !important on their list.

  • area_deu

    CSS is TRWTF?

  • @aliceif said:

    CSS is TRWTF?

    I thought that this forum was for programmers.

  • Is CSS Turing Complete yet?

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