A Really Smart printer driver installation

  • Well, it seems HP has done its research, and my computer is just too fast to print anything.

  • I had almost the same same experience installing a PSC today - I ran
    the setup with a runas admin user, and when it got to the requirements
    told me I didn't meet the minimums, the only one missing being
    "administrative privlidges". When I logged on normally under the same
    name it worked fine.

    At least it worked as limited, when some older HP drivers won't.

    Three cheers to HP for foiling microsoft's every attempt at keeping its users secure!

  • heh,

    this was a PSC1315 (all-in-one)...

    I used to only buy HP because the machines would last for ever... I think I try something else now...

  • I wonder what the guidance bit of 'details and guidance' tod you to do?


  • I wonder if they did a string compare of the mhz.  [:^)]  In any case, they should be shot for blocking installation when a warning would be appropriate.  [N]

  • Well, in the end I called HP tech support and said "WTF?".

    Apperently there is a "secret" way around this:

    CTRL+SHIFT + [Click the cancel button)

    ...they could have said so...

  • I think you need to run one of those CPU moslo or something utilities
    to slow it down enough for your driver to work. Did well for me playing
    the old DOS games.

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