Ok Zyxel, you win


    Just got reminded of this old thing I had laying around...

    Yes, I know, TRWTF is me not trying 0.5...

  • @Onyx said:

    Yes, I know, TRWTF is me not trying 0.5...

    Sniped by the OP, dick move.

  • That is why wars start.

  • I saw similarly brain-dead code with the modem/router that Comcast (briefly) leased me. You could configure the Wi-Fi parameters exactly once. After that, every attempt to change something would fail with a bogus error complaining that your WPA2 passphrase (which wasn't even changed) was invalid somehow. In order to change the Wi-Fi parameters a second time, you would have to reset the entire Wi-Fi configuration - then you could change the parameters once (better get them all right before you click the OK button) without another reset.

    Clearly a case of brain-dead JavaScript. Inexcusable that this should exist in a commercial product and have been shipped to customers for over four months without any fix.

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