Uhh... Exception

  • Greets!  I am a long-time reader of WTF, and I have lived through many years of WTFs in my programming career (17 years -- but I'm dating myself 😉 ).  I'd like to give a shout out to the WTF community -- let's raise a toast!  hehe..
    Anyways, I am also a long-time receiver of the following highly wordy "error" (not really sure, but by the specific title, I assume something, somewhere down a dark alley of a rarely traversed area of bits, has gone wrong.)

    Let us not be too specific 

     I finally ran VBSPy++, and found that this is a SunAwtDialog, coming from IBM's "Run SQL Scripts" program (CWBUNDBS.EXE, part of  the iSeries client access package).  I always like to be specific with users, but come on -- must we spell out the entire word!?!?  Wouldn't that little white 'x' surrounded by a red circle have sufficed?  hehe...

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