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  •  Here's a mini-WTF for you, thought it would be a great idea to show me a portion of its web.config file yesterday when I tried to access the site... I'm pretty sure I should never see any part of a site's web config 🙂


    Line 146: <add name = "aolIM" type = "string" />
    Line 147: <add name = "icqIM" type = "string" />
    <font color="red">Line 148: <add name = "enablePostPreviewPopup" type = "System.Boolean" defaultValue = "false" /></font>
    Line 149: <add name = "enableEmoticons" type = "System.Boolean" defaultValue = "true" />
    Line 150: <add name = "timezone" type = "System.Double" defaultValue="0" />

    Source File: D:\Users\alexp\Websites\\web.config    Line: 148 

  • Yeah ok, so I just noticed the sidebar WTF discussing this... my bad 🙂

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