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  • This is a local oldie but goodie.

    Taking screenshots for an elementary school IT textbook?
    Free tip: Hide your fucking XXX bookmarks

    (original link - untranslated)

    Bonus: interview with the professor who made the textbook:

    Q: [general intro, please comment about the links]
    A: If you want to know, that image was there in previous editions too. Links are there for 15 years and no one was bothered. So why all the fuss now?
    Q: Who was the author of previous editions?
    A: Well... basically me

    Q: Why didn't you change them?
    A: I didn't even notice them. Besides, the point of the screenshot isn't in the links. It's just a template to explain the main window of Internet Explorer. No one's telling students to go to those links. Besides, this is the issue for the technical editor.

    Q: So who sent those screenshots to the technical editor?
    A: Well, basically me

    Q: Don't you think it's tasteless to show such links, even if it's just a template?
    A: It's nothing pupils couldn't find on the internet anyway. I repeat, no one's telling them they should visit these links.

    Q: On whose computer was the screenshot taken?
    A: Can't remember, it was a long time ago

    Q: Was it your computer?
    A: Can't talk, in the car. Bye.

    Nothing in this translation was embellished in any way. This was literally what the guy said.

    (pictured: mugshot of the professor in question. not pictured: where his hands are and what he's doing with them at the moment)

  • I remember a similar but life story;
    When I did my Master, we had a new post-doc who was slightly out of place in the social sciences and behaved more like an IT guy in many aspects, e.g. good at programming, extremely inept at any social function like talking, teaching or dressing.
    Fun actions of him:

    • when giving an introductory IT-lecture ("this is a folder....") he accidentally cliked into his porn folder on the laptop and happily chatted away, without noticing the problem.

    • When he was let go, I and a friedn of mine inherited his disk and quickly noticed that one drwaer did not close. We disassembled the whole thing and discovered that he forgot a porn dvd behind the drawer - something like "best cum shots 2010" or so. We where carefully cleaned the whole desk...that was icky. Worst of all, he really licked us and contacted us several times afterwards...


    @HdS said:

    Worst of all, he really licked us


  • @HdS said:

    Worst of all, he really licked us and contacted us several times afterwards

    Uhh... ookaay? I guess, you went... to return his DVD?

  • Argh, really good misstyping 😉
    No, we did not return the DVD, we destroyed it...I am unaware if somebody copied the content before 😉

  • @HdS said:

    Worst of all, he really licked us and contacted us several times afterwards...

    That sounds nasty.

  • INB4 blakeyrant regarding repeating the joke.

  • Fake News

    @HdS said:

    When I did my Master

  • mod

    @Onyx said:

    @HdS said:
    Worst of all, he really licked us


    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • I had to dig through a week's worth of proxy logs once, when a manager of one of our facilities was accused of watching porn on his desktop. I was told to be thorough. A lot of the URLs were quite obviously porn, some were not, so I was paid for several hours to surf porn sites at work.

    The disturbing part, however, was that he also had a habit of printout out screen shots from his favorites - on a black & white laser printer. The bottom drawer of his file cabinet is still, years later, referred to as "the porn drawer."

  • Reminds me of a project I did in high school. I had a program loop through my mp3 folder, get a distinct list of band names, order them, and create an HTML page that linked to http://[bandname].com

    No one noticed the one link for a band that had a pretty famous cover of Blue Monday...

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