Obscure URLs

  • URL snippets starting with ? are intended to go on the end of the URL. More than one can be added, if required, by using & as usual.

    URL snippets starting with /should be appended to http://what.thedailywtf.com



    • Bog-standard link to a post. topic_name is largely ignored if topic_id is present and valid. (An exception seems to be when expecting the URL to onebox if the URL self-references the topic the post is in - replacing it with an x will suffice as a workaround)
    • Omitting the post_id will send you to the first post of the topic.
    • Visiting post_id 1 will (by default) result in the URL in the address bar being re-written to remove it (i.e. it collapses to the above.)
    • Visitng post_id of a large number not present will send you to the end of the topic
    • Omitting topic_id will send you to the topic if topic_name is valid, 404 otherwise


    Show the raw text (i.e. what the author typed) of a post. See here for details.


    If you know the internal global id of a post, but no idea which topic or post it is, use this to find it.


    Provides a global/category/subcategory (depending on the root URL) search. Manual urlescapeing needed, obviously.


    Show all your muted/tracked/watched topics


    View the page with

    • default - the default CSS style, without any admin-specified overrides (i.e. the software default)
    • nothing - the admin-specified CSS overrides (i.e. what you'd normally see)
    • <uuid>- with another CSS stylesheet. These are usually temporary.

    Note that other than 'nothing', manually editing the URL in your address bar (or opening in a new tab) will revert the CSS being used to 'nothing' (what you'd normally see.)


    Sets or unsets the mobile-view CSS [source]


    Display only open/closed topics (try in Meta > One Post.) [source]

    Administrative URLs


    Basic admin URL


    Docker interface/upgrade


    Sidekiq interface


    Basic error logs



    Replies 'ok' if the server is running. 100% useful in every way.

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