The blind leading the blind

  • I work for a company whose technology is somewhat antiquated. Ok, so they have an abacus on every desk. Anyway, someone got bit by the SOA bug and they want to go there. So they hire a couple of folks who are SOA-savvy. We did some design, created a few PowerPoint slide shows, and made the speeches. A few of the managers got it. Of course, there are those 2 or 3 folks who get on mailing lists, and think every single thing that's sent their way is the-way-to-go...

    "We need to buy SOA - is there an SOA product?"

    "We need to migrate all of the backoffice systems to Web 2.0"

    "We don't need to worry about security - everything is internal"

    "The beauty of these new technologies is that it's supposed to be automatic"

    I hope the non-wtf-jobs thing grows quickly - I'll be reading it.


  • That definitely sounds like a WTF incubator you've got there. We have gone through the same thing with a "portal" project. Completely clueless higher-ups that made a promise years ago (close to a decade) hundreds of thousands of dollars on licensing, millions in contracts, and NOTHING to show for it. Since they've spent so much money they will never just cancel the whole stupid thing because that would mean someone was wrong, and the boss can never be wrong.

    If they go and "buy some SOA" as execs are inclined to do, it will quickly go downhill from there and turn into a large customization project filled with really WTFey "Enterprise" APIs and lots of really long class names. Also expect for the project to take 5 years at least.

  • [quote user="new guy"]

    someone got bit by the SOA bug



    Ah yes, the gremlin that starts the churning of upper management is a wtf in itself. 

    "We don't need to worry about security - everything is internal" -- then who will protect you from yourselves?

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