Looking for a specific technology but don't know the relevant keywords

  • I'm trying to figure out the exact keywords I should be using to find something like the following:

    Basically, I'm looking for something that lets me create/move web parts around in an interactive design view mode. Nothing overly fancy, just something that lets me allow consumers to drag/drop things in an area where they would prefer to see it.

    Basically my site will have the standard navigation bar, and probably a left nav, but I want to create a drag and drop zone on the right for various div items (one overall div that is the container, then each sub div is it's own part) - Namely, I think the application should look like 'X' but it's your experience, so I want to let you do what you want. I will save your configuration and it will load it in that order each time you access the page.

    *Looking for the free underlying technology, and not this product specifically

  • So you want a virtual windowing system inside a webpage? Presumably with persistence?

  • Basically.

    Essentially I'm building an application that will allow you to turn on/off chat features, subscription notices, subscribers, event notifications, dashboard statistics, etc. and want to allow people to customize it for their own personal look and feel for what they feel is important.

    I will provide the default template which I feel is simple, provides enough information and context, and is good for newbies, but I want people to be able to only show things where they want (with a moderate amount of control over where things can be adjusted to keep a somewhat sane site branding)

  • I'd actually recommend not doing that at all.

    But if you must, a lot of "portal" websites used to do that-- I'm not sure which of those are even still live. Looks like "my.yahoo.com" still exists, see if it does what you need and is using stock YUI. If so you can just grab their code.


    Not really recommending it, but is this the sort of thing you're looking for?

  • @blakeyrat said:


    The blocks are kind of what I'm talking about, except I don't plan to have the big ugly spacers between groups - but the important part is the actual just picking up and moving items. If you look at the link I provided, there's a very limited space where you can drag/drop items, and it auto clips things based on zones that you can define.

    And yes @Onyx, that's very much what I'm looking for.

    Basically - the normal site is 'locked' (can't move things accidentally) - but I want to provide a design view for users.

    Actually Onyx, I think you nailed it exactly. I'll look more at it tonight, but that looks extremely promising if I can do it on a div level (which it looks like you can).


    Looks good on first look and gets rid of jQueryUI stuff you might not need. You can customize the download but...

    Then again, expects <li> elements it seems...

  • What's wrong with the previous link?

    (Legitimate question, as it appears to fit the bill nicely, what do you know that I don't? I don't really do web work normally, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want out of an application.)


    Not much, but I had jQueryUI not play along with other plugins at times, if you will be using any.

    I still use it, but when downloading it I just pick the animation framework (that's all I need). You should be fine if you don't mix too many other plugins with it, but make sure you customize your download and remove any guff you don't need from it.

    Then again, old info, YMMV.

  • At this time, there's going to be very limited other plugins (that I'm aware of) - since most of it is custom code I'm creating. But while I'm good at making the back end core framework, I have very negligible front end UI coding experience. I often create basic layout proposals, but I normally hand off the actual UI work for someone else to do. For my current project, that's not really an option.

    This looks like an extremely handy library I can use for pretty much all the pretty stuff I want to implement.

  • This was all the rage about a year ago:
    http://dashingdemo.herokuapp.com/sample (from http://dashing.io/)

    Seems like similar idea.

  • Yeah, that looks pretty similar to the other link. I'll check it out more tonight as well from an implementation standpoint. It unfortunately looks extremely like windows 8 metro, but I suppose that can be fixed by toning down the colors and space between items.

    Eep, this one appears to be RoR, and non-IE - I'll check again tonight, but not supporting (newer versions) of IE is a deal breaker. The jquery-UI even appears to support IE8 (running at my work) where the dashingdemo just displays a black screen.

  • So apparently jquery-ui is already bundled with the default MVC4 template. This in turn means I should probably use it, since microsoft theoretically supports its use, right?


    Oh, well, that helps. The only question is if it's the whole deal or just the parts of it. But if it's not the whole thing you can probably just download a new customized version and replace that one, right?

  • @Matches said:

    So apparently jquery-ui is already bundled with the default MVC4 template. This in turn means I should probably use it, since microsoft theoretically supports its use, right?

    Nope, that's just used in their default auto-generated site. I think you can start with a bit less clutter with a different starting project type.

  • Yeah, it's just bundled javascript. Usually I dump the pre made Auth and several of the Themes and js libraries. Going to explore ui and knockout this time though.

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