Software Support Headaches

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    The company I work for doesn't value IT as much as it should, so the development team sometimes has to help handle tickets beyond just bug fixes when our help desk team gets overwhelmed. Yesterday had a little bit of that, and I ran into this little scenario:

    User: I can't find feature G.
    Me: Have you looked in menu D?
    U: No.
    U: I still can't find feature G.
    M: Open menu D.
    U: Oh, there it is!

    Seriously? Asking if you looked in a specific menu wasn't enough of a hint to look there? I had to actually tell you to look there? Then the same user came back with this:

    U: Sub-category f needs to be created for category 2.
    M: Well, I just helped you find feature G, that allows you to do that, so go right ahead.
    U: I can't find sub-category f on my order.
    M: Well, it looks like you created sub-category f for category 4. You said you needed it for category 2. Start by fixing that.
    U: I still can't find sub-category f for my order.
    M: Well, sub-category f is associated with category 2 now, so we're looking good so far. Let's look at your order. ... Your order is in category 5, so you can't use sub-category f.
    U: I'm confused.
    M:You created sub-category f for category 2, so it is only available on orders in category 2. your order is in category 5, so you can't use sub-category f.
    U: I don't get it.
    M: undefined

    This is about the average quality of our users.

  • Quoting myself, bad form, but...
    @tufty said:

    Stabbing the client repeatedly with a screwdriver is a proactive step to reducing the support workload going forwards.

  • Especially since it tends to land you in prison.

  • @abarker said:

    U: I'm confused.

    M: That's clear to everyone.

  • brb, going to check on a co-worker to see if he's you.

  • mod

    You work in Arizona?

  • quicklime

  • No, but just because you say it's true doesn't mean that it is. And he's from Arizona.

  • mod

    I currently live in the Phoenix area. And I work in Phoenix.

  • I might be headed out that way later this year. I spent last Thanksgiving in Sedona.

  • mod

    That's about an hour north of Phoenix. Really expensive town, so I try to avoid it when I can.

  • Yeah, I know where it is. We fly into Phoenix and drive up there. My parents have a condo there.

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