It's not what it does that's the WTF...

  • pcount = pcount + 1
    actid = allprc(1,rowcounter2)
    actprcid = allprc(2,rowcounter2)
    imtltyp = trim(allprc(3,rowcounter2))
    iphysfm = allprc(4,rowcounter2)
    iwsttyp = allprc(5,rowcounter2)
    ivol = allprc(6,rowcounter2)
    ivolunit = allprc(7,rowcounter2)
    fmtltyp = trim(allprc(8,rowcounter2))
    fphysfm = allprc(9,rowcounter2)
    fwsttyp = allprc(10,rowcounter2)
    fvol = allprc(11,rowcounter2)
    fvolunit = allprc(12,rowcounter2)

    It makes [i]perfect[/i] sense!  Diving into this app is like diving into the shallow end of the pool.

  • Short variable names take up less memory, right?

  • [quote user="zip"]Short variable names take up less memory, right?[/quote]

    Now I miss programming basic on my C64 ... ah, the fun I had

  • What's funny is the most used variable in the code snippet, rowcounter2, is much longer than the rest. Not just rowcounter, mind you - rowcounter2.

  • real prgmzrs dn't use unncsry vwels.

  • This isn't even that bad compared to what I've had to clean up.  Imagine grabbing over 2 dozen variables from data input, all with values v1, v2, ... vXX.  Oh, and did I mention the code that grabbed the data was in an f-ing #define, just to add that extra dose of confusion and obfuscation.

    Good times, good times 😛


  • @skippy said:

    This isn't even that bad compared to what I've had to clean up

    Oh, trust me... I've got more up my sleeve 🙂 muhahahah...

  • I remember writing (actually, reproducing a mainframe version from memory) a text-StartTrek game on an early PC (XT/AT-class) - the whole thing had to compile into a .com file in 64K - had to do some real optimization to get in those last few subroutines. Of course, the length of the variable names had nothing to do with it, but still...

  • Obviously they should use boxes, then put those boxes in more boxes.


    Is it Friday yet?

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