Representative jQuery; or Appendicitis

  • $myBoss: "Hey, you know that thing you did in the $websitePart, that 'clearbox' thing?"
    $me: "Yeah, what about the lightbox?"
    $myBoss: "You could add that to the comment system? We got complaints it's not too clear where one should type."
    $me: "Uh, sure. It'll be done by monday."

    Mini-WTF: I added a transparent background to a dialog screen and since a designer called it a lightbox (which is the name of a bunch of jQuery plugins) the name stuck.

    Ok, whatever, I decided to look how the HTML of the comment system was done. When I saw it was dynamically generated, I expected something terrible, but not... This.

    Comments.html = 
        $('<div>').attr('id', 'lightbox').append(
                .append('COMMENTS - ')
    // Which was presented to me like this:
    Comments.html = $('<div>').attr('id', 'lightbox').append($('<div>').addClass('Comments').append($('<h1>').append('COMMENTS - ').append(Comments.dynamicHtml.title).append(Comments.dynamicHtml.closeButton)).append(Comments.dynamicHtml.listComments).append(Comments.dynamicHtml.form.append(Comments.dynamicHtml.inputMessage)));

    My best wishes go to whoever is employing this guy right now.

  • That's basically this in jQuery.

  • SockDev

    Most stuff involving jQuery has no real business involving jQuery these days.

  • I'd agree completely with you, but jQuery is easy to refactor and doesn't allows nearly as many awesome 1337 tricks that I prefer to fix a jQuery mess than pure JS.

  • :belt_onion:

    I've become a big D3 js fan, though that's mostly because I deal with data visualization a lot.

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