Poll: Which islands will I visit in Wisconsin

  • My son, my two parakeets, Tootles and Screamer (and yours truly) are going to Shanghai a vessel and sail the high seas of Lake Michigan (based out of Grandmas house in DePere) to find treasure, possibly some lunch, possibly some ice cream and most likely a commemorative t-shirt (maybe two).

    Together the four of us are going to plunder my credit card like no dad and a son and 2 parakeets will have plundered before!

    Based on passage you have just read please select which islands Dad plans to visit while commandeering vessels on Lake Michigan with his son and parakeets:

    • Plum Island
    • Washington Island
    • Rock Island
    • Mackinac Island
    • Blood Island
    • Skull Island
    • Plunder Island
    • Galápagos
    • Sullivan Island
    • Pitcairn Island
    • Vanuatu

  • Get the fudge on Mackinaw Island.

  • I'm trying to book a hotel room as we speak...(on Mackinac).

  • I'm from Wisconsin and I can confirm that the entirety of Wisconsin is contained in one very large island.

  • You are from mob town (Milwaukee).. 😄

    I saw that somewhere maybe in a post or on your profile (hrrrmmm). Not the mob town part. I just know that it has mobster history.

    I love the airport there when I would fly from Omaha to Cincinnati. At your airport people board planes outdoors (when the weather is nice)... and it is right on the waterfront.

  • While you're here, say hi to the cats for me.

  • Lol...I have six cats, three dog, two budgies, three rabbits, and a chinchilla...

    But wait there's more.

    The farm...my wife runs a special non-profit project and there they have: one cow (balls will drop off in three weeks according to my son), 50 sheep (25 are for therapy (meaning they are very tame and tolerant) for disabled and special needs kids), one ram, three pigs, four chickens and four ducks. The reason all of these animals are alive is because of my wife. They were about to turn all the sheep into chow, and came up with a better idea: True Buddy farms and the Luv-a-Lamb project.

    This is my wife, daughter and sons project they are at the farm twice a day for hours and hours. I avoid the place or they put my ass to work and make me pet sheep.

    My daughter spent so much time volunteering at the farm for the True Buddy Luv-a-Lamb project that she won the congressional gold medal for accumulating over 7000 hours of community service and was flown to Washington to have a special dinner and get her award. That was two weeks ago.

    Anyways...if I stop at the shelter...I will bring home a feral cat. It happens all the time. I pick the cutest (or the gimp) then I am screwed with another animal.

  • Here you go ben...I shot this video today (a few hours ago) at the farm. You can tell by the commentary I have a low involvement at the farm. I'm usually there dropping off a kid or picking one up or running food to starving parent/kids. (pardon the baby-ish talk to the kid...(dad tactic) I am trying to keep him engaged for the video and he was in a hurry to take the chicken somewhere for mom and kept walking away from me while I was filming). you are going to crack up at the end as things get candid.

    Franklin at the farm – 00:58
    — Frank Tudor

  • That is really, really awesome after reading about your projects but I'm with Ben on the balls 😱

    We had to do lambs tails on my grandfather's farm and while it was for their own good (flystrike is horrific) I still felt bad for the little greasy things.

  • I'm surprised Plum Island only gone one vote. I can't be the only one who wished you'd get a raging case of hog cholera.

  • Oh yeah...two of our lambs have thier tails banded right now. At first I was like "Hey! they have tails! Cute." then my wife informed that they were banded and about to fall off...I was like "Why!?". She said they can't show them with tails and that things can get real messy back there. And too much cleaning to maint. I was like 'oh...well that makes sense'. 😞


  • Hey you figured that out! Yea all the other islands have some meaning. But there is also a plum island in wisconsin (or lake michigan I should say).

  • Ah, I thought it was a joke option like Vanuatu. 🙂

  • Actually I had that option but removed it because the other name was anthrax island ad that would have been a dead give away. The first four are real. Then I devloved and the reset are either real and not anywhere inland or they are totally fake.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place


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