Liverpool Uni: "hi, we're tools"

  • I saw this ad just now – is it just me, or does it scream "scam" in every way possible?

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    It actually seems to be legit – Liverpool's not a "prestigious, non-accredited university" (I vote neither g), and links to the page the ad took me to (with a bit of digging)… but really now, WTF?

  • It might scream "scam", but what it really means is "quite a decent masters program".  Their adverts might lack a certain je ne sais quoi, but  clicking through one of them got me 1/3rd off tuition costs when I signed up :).

  • Yeah, it does look dodgy ... but Liverpool uni is a 'real' university so maybe they've just got some course spaces they're desperate to fill?

  • They're the only University that I've ever had (so much) junk mail from. Either the postcard style stuff, or a 2 sided pamphlet telling me about how easy it is to get a degree from them. I've probably got about 10 in the last few years. Not a lot, but over 10000000000% more than I've got from every other University in the world combined.

    I'd always assumed it was a scam (never bothered to check), but if you're saying that they're real and their website checks out, I'll assume they just have either a lousy marketing department or are otherwise desperate for students.


    No offence to you, Liverpool Uni, but that's just how you've always come across to me. 🙂

  • I had a big box full of university advertisements.  A lot from MIT.  they send out lots of shit.

  • Seems like an ad for an online learning degree with Liverpool University, which is indeed a real, accredited, and moderately good, uni - their offer to me for physics BSc was ABC.

    It's also neat if it genuinely is completely online. I believe even most Open University courses sometimes require you to go places to sit exams. It's probably research and project based since any exam taken online is wide open to cheating. UK Masters exist in both taught and research form, the latter like PhD but less demanding.

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