Tales from the Mortgage Monster: sending money

  • SockDev

    One of the more exciting joys of WTF Mortgages was transmitting funds to lawyers to do the mortgage thing. Thousands upon thousands of pounds of someone else's money being lent to someone else to buy a property. It's all terribly exciting if you like that sort of thing.

    Where it gets interesting is the whole deal of actually sending money out. The lawyery people would send in their certificate with the bank details of where to send the money to. Sometimes this was already attached to the solicitor details already on the case, sometimes this wasn't.

    Due to how all this was set up, if a new solicitors firm wanted to be on a case, they'd have to be added to the system and a variety of people had the power to do that. In all cases, it would have to be added to the backend system so that the frontend system could make use of it - and amending this was reserved for only special people.

    The trouble is, it was usually maintained by very special people. Plenty of duplicates on the system, some with the right bank details, some with the wrong bank details, some without any. And so henceforth it was decreed that only some people would be eligible to amend details... only not removing the power from anyone to actually do it.

    Management was satisfied, because the problem was fixed. Except it wasn't.

    The people that believed it wasn't their responsibility to amend bank details would, henceforth, phone the appropriate people and ask them to do it instead. The problem was, these people also had to get the cases off their desks' - and the only way to do that was to set the account payable as the customer (and then amend it after the relevant people put the details on the system)

    You can only imagine the hellstorm that followed, after multiple times of a mortgage being sent out on the day directly to a customer's bank account rather than to a solicitor. And so the cycle remained, except for the people who ignored the 'thou shalt not amend the system to do it properly' who never caught any hell of any kind for this stuff because they took their role responsibly.

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