My toaster was taken out by Mir...

  • I've been reading up on my Credit card member benefits, and I came upon this little WTF:

    What items are covered by Purchase Security?
    Your eligible purchases are protected against damage due to the following:

    • Fire, smoke, explosion, riot or vandalism
    • Windstorm, lightning, hail, rain, sleet, snow.
    • Aircraft, spacecraft, or other vehicles
    • Theft (except from autos or motorized vehicles)
    • Accidental discharge of water or steam
    • ...
    Handy for the next time Deanna commands the enterprise

  • WTF? It doesn't explicitly mention pogo sticks or ornithopters.

  • So how about if a rioter damages a spacecraft, causing it to accidentally discharge steam, which damages the item in question?


    You may laugh, but it's happened to me countless times, and it's always such trouble getting the insurance money. 

  • ring ring 


    "Good afternoon" 

    "Yeah, Hi. Erm. I have this damage problem, and I was wondering if it's covered"

    "What is the problem, sir?" 

    "Sputnik fell on my car."

    "I'm sorry sir, but we don't cover damage by foreign spacecraft."

  • That's all well and good, but does this "Purchase Security" protect you against losses caused by discharge of a nuclear weapon, accidental or otherwise?

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