How do I use Discourse on the CodingHorror blog?

  • When I click the "continue discussion" button on a CodingHorror blog article, all I see is a blank-ish page with the text "a companion discussion area for"

    I'm using Firefox, Adblock Plus tells me it isn't blocking anything on that page*, cookies are allowed, and javascript is enabled.

    Switching to IE gives me an actual page.

    *It is however, blocking stuff on the blog post page itself.

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    What version of Firefox? Though if you are posting here I suspect that is not the issue.

    That site does use a CDN, whereas this one does not, perhaps the CDN is being blocked?

    Don't know why it would be specific to Firefox, if it works in IE.

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    I just downloaded Firefox latest on this Surface Pro 3 and had no issues getting to the blog or when clicking on "Continue Discussion".

    I would say cdn issue but if it works in IE we can rule that out.

  • Here I use Firefox 30.0 with classic theme restorer, without noscript, but with QuickJava to disable Java and Flash, as well as Adblock Plus and Cookie Monster.
    I can confirm the problem is not from ABP, since the problem persists when I disable it.

    My workplace has a filtering proxy, but its effect shouldn't depend on the browser either...

    Edit: Damn, trying to sign in on the browser that works, I'm told my username is already used, and apparently not by my address. I just wanted to signal dead links... 😞

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  • Thank you.

    Note: This link, too, works only on IE on my end. I tried clearing all my cookies on, which didn't change anything.

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    I edited your old 2008 account there to have the right email address, so if you confirm that email you should be able to get in.

  • Thanks. I got the following error: "There was an error changing your email address. Perhaps the address is already in use?"
    I guess I shouldn't have tried that while at the same time trying to remember my old password or reset it.

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    You should get an email confirmation to your email address, since I already edited your email on your old CH account. Clicking that email confirmation should verify your email.

  • The confirmation link is what gave me the "There was an error changing your email address. Perhaps the address is already in use?" error.

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    Do you have another pending account with that email? I can find no record of it.

    Anyway let's try something else.. I renamed that old account to medinoc1.

  • Maybe it sees my password recovery attempt as this?

    I think I'll try logging in from my home computer, where it may have my password in memory. Less headache than trying to log in while wondering if I tried the right password... avoiding password reuse is biting me in the rear again.

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    Sure give it a shot. Your old account is renamed to "Medinoc1" so you should be able to create a new account with that name no problem. I can do other fixups after you get in.

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    Did you ever get this to work? I don't see any accounts at with your username.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have now successfully re-created the account.

    Thanks a lot for your help, it was invaluable.

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