Notification drop down doesn't behave as expected

  • I've got my preferences set so that it tracks topics as soon as I read them but sometimes by the bottom of a topic I'm not interested and don't want it tracking any more. But despite it being read the drop down still shows Regular. I then have to either refresh or set it to Tracked manually and back to Regular to stop tracking.

    The expected behaviour is that as I've read it and it's being tracked that it should say "Tracked" already allowing me to more easily set it back to Regular if I'm not interested.

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    I know what this is, probably old topics that were created before you flipped the switch.

    Fixing this is very tricky cause I would need to be very careful not to set stuff back to tracking when you in the past set it regular, also if you change the setting back to regular I would need to recover.

  • I thought that too originally but I've had the switch flipped for a few days, and it does it on topics created today.

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    So the thing is occasionally broken?

    Anyone else noticing this? Is there any pattern to this madness?

    If you re-enter one of these problem topics does it "fix itself up" and move to tracking?

  • I don't know how this all works behind the scenes but surely when I first open the topic, there's no tracking preference set for this specific topic? In which case it seems fairly simple to fix it. When this topic has no specific preference (or however you store it) and my user preference is to always track then track straight away and set the value to Tracked. Then when I set it to Regular, the topic preference is set so then next time the topic is loaded it just honours it.

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  • Yeah - re-enter the topic, or refresh the page or whatever and it shows it correctly. It's just the first time.

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    @loopback0 said:

    no tracking preference set for this specific topic

    I will review this, but am pretty concerned this is a hole in the message bus, what browser are you on?

  • Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m on Windows 8.1.
    I'll see if it does it on Firefox next time a new post comes along.
    Happens on Firefox 30 too.

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    So this now happens consistently? go to new topic, tracking is not selected till you hard refresh ?

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    Confirmed I see the regression.

    Simple repro:

    1. Open 2 browsers pointing at same topic
    2. Change the box on one
    3. It should change on the other

    This used to work sigh

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    This is now fixed and deployed

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