Wait, I'll use Regexp!

  • A friend of mine was looking for a "simple" CMS which fit his needs without overwhelming him with loads of unneeded features. He stopped for CMSimple since it seemed pretty simple (it even states it in it's name! coughs) and solid. Boy, was he wrong.

    He had a few problems adding "dynamic content" to pages so he stopped by the forums to ask what the correct approach to tackle the problem is.

    The solution endorsed by the maintainers is pretty impressive, given the "maturity" and popularity of the project. Kudos!


  • I think it would be easier to print the output to the local printer, place it on a wooden table, take a picture, print it, scan it, then e-mail it to any visitor to the website.

  • Please note: If you copy'n'paste the CMSimple code from this page, please remember to remove the font tag!

    ... and they still use <font> tags.

  • It's probably "Simple" just like SNMP, SASL and SOAP are simple.

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