SAP means Super-Awesome-Programmers, Right?

  • So among the 8-bajillion things I'm trying to fix this weekend, I'm working on an SAP system.

    In particular, this uses SAPs BusinessObjects/BusinessIntelligence/BusinessFuckIfIKnow software for what amounts to "reporting". Apparently with SAP, red herrings are an actual fish in Germany. I say that because I've been trying to "debug" why an installation is failing to import the BIAR(pro-nounced beer). Turns out it is a "lack" of services, that have nothing to do with the friggin import. One of which are "Mobile Services". My software runs on remote laptops yes, but mobile they are not.

    At this point I think BO just says "You installed kitchen sink, but only need the drain? Fuck-you, kitchen sink it is!"

    I swear SAP is Oracle's red-headed-little-brother. Not quite as WTFy but damned if they don't try.

  • SAP is the reason we should remove all computers from Germany.

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